About the Food

What farms do you work with?

We work with small family farms in Vermont that are committed to providing fresh, wholesome and sustainably-produced foods — handmade cheeses, naturally raised meats, cage-free eggs and more. We choose only foods made without hormones, pesticides or antibiotics. Visit our “Farmers & Friends” page to learn more about our specific farms and their operations. We also offer select organic and/or local produce in season.

What do you carry?

We carry a variety of delicious, fresh-grown staples (cage-free eggs, local meats, farm-fresh dairy, seasonal local produce) and specialty foods (delicious artisan cheeses and smoked meats, soups, salads, sides, baked goods). We also offer a variety of options for people on gluten-free, vegetarian and Paleolithic diets.  You can be certain that everything you order from Graze is not only the highest quality, but is produced by people who truly care about the food they are putting on your table.

How do your meats arrive?

Our meats are “flash frozen” and vacuum-sealed to lock in peak freshness. When the meats arrive to you, they may be slightly thawed. You may choose to either put the meat in the freezer if you’re not planning to use it right away or into the refrigerator if you plan to use it within the next three to four days. If the meat is still frozen solid when it arrives, a quick thawing tip is to fill a bowl with warm to room-temperature water and immerse the meat in the bowl for 20-60 minutes, depending on its thickness.

Is everything from Vermont?

We source the vast majority of our offerings from local farms and producers in Vermont. However, you will find that we will regularly carry a few select items from outside Vermont. We offer items that are difficult to source locally such as fresh squeezed orange juice or other products that our customers have requested such as additional healthy heat-and-serve options for the kids. Down the road, look for a few "must try" specialty items from artisanal producers outside of Vermont whose products are recognized for quality, creativity and flavor. By carrying these items from beyond Vermont's borders, we are better able to round out our product line and deliver on our commitment to bring a healthy variety of farm-fresh goodness to you and your family each week.

Local vs. Regional

Although the definitions are not fixed. Local food is produced within your community while regional food is produced within your foodshed. Our foodshed is New England.

Historically New England has produced the food to feed all 6 states, leveraging the strengths of different regions.  We hope to inspire families from around the region to purchase local and regionally produced food as well as grow their own food. We want to help people feel connected to their food and the farmers.

About Ordering

Am I locked in to a weekly delivery?

No way! You have total control over your delivery schedule. You can receive standard weekly deliveries or you can order every once in a while...simply turn weeks on and off on your delivery schedule.

What if I miss my order cutoff?  

Don't panic! Call us (1-888-WE GRAZE) and we'll work with you to accommodate your last-minute order to the best of our ability. 

How do I change my delivery schedule? 

Once you have logged into your account, click “Manage Delivery Schedule”. Look for the antique yellow delivery truck icon on the upper left side of the screen. Simply check the weeks you would like to receive a delivery, or uncheck the weeks you would not like to have a delivery (i.e. vacations).

What's up with all those abbreviations?

We cater to special nutritional needs. If you are on a particular diet, these abbreviations mean that certain foods will work for you!

'V' stands for Vegetarian
'GF' stands for Gluten-Free
'DF' stands for Dairy-free
‘P’ stands for Paleo-Friendy (A diet mainly consisting of lean meats and cage-free eggs, veggies. No grains or legumes.)

How do I change my account or payment information before ordering?

Log in and find the ‘Your Account’ pane on the left-hand side. Click on ‘Profile.’ Here’s where you can change your personal information, credit card information and delivery location.

Do I have to order online?

Ordering online is always the best way to place and order. If you are unable to make it to a computer before your cut-off for order updates (four days before your delivery date), please call us at 1-888-WE GRAZE with any changes or to place your order over the phone.

Can I create a list without placing an order?

Well, of course! Just browse around and play with different baskets (called “lists”). For instance, get a jump on your Mother’s Day menu and you can build and save it and only schedule when you’re ready for delivery.

Is there a minimum amount required to place an order?

Yes, the minimum amount for any single order is $35 in order to commit to and support our Partnering Farmers and Producers. Farmers and producers  need a baseline commitment to help with their planning.  

About Delivery

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is always free and directly to your doorstep!

Do you deliver to my area?

The easiest way to see if we deliver to your area is to type in your zip code on our home page.

If we don't currently deliver to your zip code area, perhaps we deliver to your workplace or a friend. If none of these options are a possibility, send us an e-mail with your name and location and we'll keep you updated as we expand our delivery areas.. We currently serve areas in Fairfield County Connecticut, Greater Boston and Stratton Mountain, VT!

What if I am not in your delivery area?

We have a "Come to Our Zip" form that we check daily. We have had areas "mob" us with requests. (That really gets our attention!) At the very least, please send us your information (info@grazedelivered.com) so we know where our organic goodness is being missed and we will alert you when we start delivering to your area.

What's my delivery day?

We deliver to different regions on different days (Stratton Mountain: Friday, Greater Boston and Vermont Sunday, Fairfield County, CT: Monday.)

How do I know when my bin will arrive?

We drive all our food down in refrigerated trucks and work with "final mile" professional and bonded local courier services to deliver to you. Our Connecticut customers receive their sealed bins under the veil of darkness, Sunday night into Monday morning. Please take this delivery time into consideration when you designate your bin placement area. 

Vermont and Boston area deliveries arrive on Sunday afternoon. 

Our winter time Vermont ski area delivery is Friday in the afternoon and early evening.

Though we can’t promise a delivery at any specific time, we do our best to keep things consistent, and our bins will keep your goodies fresh for up to four hours on a covered porch.

What if I'm not home for delivery?

Don't worry about it! You don't need to be home. Just make sure there's a shaded spot for our driver to leave the bin. It will stay fresh there for four hours.  If you won't be home for over four hours, we suggest you either provide us with a garage code to place the bin inside, leave a cooler for us to transfer your foods into, or arrange for someone else to place it inside or arrange to get the delivery at work.

How does my food stay cold?

Dairy and meat are packed in freezer bags and bins filled with special ice packs designed to keep your food cold (the colder the weather, the fewer the ice packs). Our facilities and trucks are refrigerated and our delivery system is specially designed to keep your products under 40-degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, during the summer months, we suggest that the bins be brought inside as soon as possible to ensure maximum freshness and deliciousness. We also recommend

How do the plastic bins work?

Deliveries will be made in recycled plastic bins and will be left in accordance with the delivery instructions on your Account Profile. In preparation for your next delivery, simply leave out your bin and the driver will pick it up. We ask that you return the bins, as well as the cooler bags and the ice packs to us, as we reuse and recycle them.

About the Website

When do I need to update my order?

The cut-off for updates is four days before your delivery date at midnight. For example, if your delivery is Monday, the cut-off to update your order is Thursday at midnight. If you make an update to your order after the cut-off time, the website will automatically move your order to the following week for scheduled delivery.

How do I change my list?

You can find a ‘pending’ order (one that has not yet been delivered) in your ‘My Account' page. You may click on this pending order and update its contents as long as your order cutoff has not passed. You can also change any future delivery by selecting the list from the drop-down menu and editing its contents.

What if I did not update my order online?

Your previous order will continue to arrive according to your delivery schedule, so if you have turned “on” deliveries for future weeks, you will continue to receive your current order until you change it. You can log on at anytime to update, change or suspend your current delivery schedule.

What if I need to reset my password?

If you enter an invalid username/password combo, a link to reset your password should appear on the screen along with a link to request your username. If they do not appear, please click on the 'Contact Us' page and send us an email or just call us at 1-888-WE GRAZE.

How do I put my orders on temporary hold?

Just click on 'Delivery Schedule' from the 'Your Account’ page. You will see a list of the next 8 weeks and your scheduled delivery days. Unclick any week to place your order on hold for that week. If you need to place your account on hold for more than 8 weeks, please click “Stop Delivery” and call us to confirm. One note: You will need to create a list before you can access your Delivery Schedule. Just click on ‘Go Shopping’ to get started.

Is the web site secure?

Yes, the web site uses a secure server and any personal information is encrypted to protect you. There should be pop-up window that informs you when are moving from a secured or unsecured connection. Your credit card information is not stored on the site and is entrusted by the Trust Commerce Citadel. Trust Commerce is VISA CISP compliant and strictly follows industry standard best practices

Do you carry raw milk?

No. Vermont State Law allows only for the sale of raw milk from the farm directly to the consumer. Learn more about our milk on our "Dairy” page or learn about our Dairy Farmers at Monument Farms on our “Farmers and Friends” page.

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