Graze your way Fit!

We understand that staying fit and healthy is key feeling great! At the same time it is not always easy to cook everything in the right portion size for yourself to follow any specific diet or program. Along with offering loads of kitchen starters that help simplify meal time, we have created a few meal plans that provide complete programs to take the thinking out of weight loss, cleansing or just developing a conscious routine with your meals.

How do these programs work?

  1. Determine which plan you would like to works for you. Descriptions are below along with pdf files.
  2. Go to Premade List section. Either replace your current list with this meal plan or merge it in with your existing list (keep the things for the kids your staples and just add these items)
  3. Once the items are in your list feel free to customize it by removing anything you might not want or replace it with other options.If you follow any of these plans we will send you a weekly plan to help you organize the food you receive and plan how to use it

We do the work, you see the results!

  • Graze Burn Program-Designed to burn away the pounds but not make you starve while doing it. The program is a truly balanced meal plan that is high in protein and easy to follow. You receive 3 meals a day with 2 snacks for 5 days. Everything you need is included and there is a great deal of variety during the week. The program is simple, real food that is all prepared and portioned for you. No excuses! One you add the Burn program from our Premade List category, go back to the Fitness Center and add your Burn add ons for the week; small, medium or large.

    Get the two page Graze Burn Program in pdf format

  • Extended Burn 5-day plan- For Burn dieters that have used our initial Burn 5-day plan for 2-3 weeks, you might be ready for a change of menu and that's where our new Extended Burn plan comes into play. We have varied our breakfast, lunch and dinner options. As always, if you would like to, specify small, medium or large in the notes to receive your "evening extra snack" options.

    Get the two page Graze Extended Program in pdf format