Why Vermont Cows?

Monument Farms Dairy: Pure milk. Pure Vermont... it doesn't get any fresher.

Monument Farms Dairy is one of Vermont's few remaining milk producers that still raises its own cows on lush Vermont pastures before milking and bottling onsite. At Monument Farms, a third-generation family dairy in Weybridge, Vermont, milk goes from the cow to the bottle within hours. On-the-farm processing ensures that your milk is the freshest it can be. Monument Farms cows are fed all-natural grains, most of which are grown on the farm, and are provided comfortable beds and lots of lush pasture on which to graze. As owner Bob James explains, “Happy cows produce better milk...so we keep our cows happy.”
Monument Farms' pasteurization process, High Temperature-Short Time, or HTST pasteurization, effectively destroys potentially dangerous bacteria while preserving nutrients and beneficial bacteria (the probiotics). As locals, we'd be crazy not to drink this milk ourselves.

Try Monument Farms milk today. We bet you’ll love it just as much as we do! It is simply some of the best milk you will ever have.
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Maple Meadow Eggs

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? At Maple Meadow Farm, the hens come first. Their hens are treated with extra special care and are fed the highest quality feed.  They are NEVER fed or treated with antibiotics or hormones.  They live in temperature controlled barns, have feed and water available at all times and are checked on several times a day. They in turn produce an abundance of high quality eggs, which we are proud to deliver to our customers. 

Green Mountain Creamery Yogurt

At Green Mountain Creamery they strive to balance a history of artisanal yogurt making with today's newest technologies to create the ultimate dairy treat. Our product is made from the finest ingredients with no artificial colors, preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. And we make it right here in the Green Mountain State with rBST free Vermont milk! 
"Pure Vermont Goodness in Every Cup"

Certified Organic?

Fresh-from-the-farm milks, creams, butters, cheeses and yogurts from Vermont set a standard for quality, taste and freshness. The hand-picked favorites that we carry come from small, family-owned farms. Some of the products we offer are certified organic, while some are not. Becoming certified organic can be a difficult decision for a small dairy farm. It is not uncommon for small producers — many of whom already employ organic, sustainable methods in raising their animals — to choose not to undergo the process of becoming certified organic. The cost challenges and the specific regulatory requirements can put a large burden on a small dairy operation. The fact is, the livelihood of the Vermont dairy farmer rests in their cows. Their animals are fed a healthy diet and treated with great care and in turn produce fresh, healthy, great-tasting dairy products.

Certified organic or not, ALL Graze-delivered dairy is guaranteed fresh, healthy and delicious. All products are free of antibiotics, contain no growth hormones (no rBST or rBGH), and are 100% traceable — which means we know who is raising the cows, how they are being raised, and how and when the milk is being made.