Family Farms

Small, family-owned & operated farms are at the heart of our mission to deliver fresh, wholesome and sustainably-produced foods direct to your front door. Our small-farm partners produce only fresh, healthy, high-quality foods. Many Graze farm-partners are run by multi-generational families. Monument Farms Dairy is a third-generation family-operated dairy farm; so is Maple Meadow Farm where we source our eggs. They take great care in how their foods are made, how their animals are raised and how they treat their land. And you can taste the difference.

In addition to producing fresh, nutritious, high-quality foods, small family farms provide a wealth of benefits to their local communities throughout New England. They allow for an important connection between consumers and their food source. They are active in facing important local issues and contribute to the preservation of rural communities. And, they play a vital role in rural economies by providing local jobs and supporting other local businesses.

Your weekly Graze order delivers the freshest, healthiest foods to your door and helps sustain the family farming traditions that are vital to rural communities and economies. We thank you for your support.

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